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 Vintage Trade Catalogs

Charles Smith Woodworking Machinery Trade Catalog

Why trade catalogs? Along with period photography, the trade catalog is the most accurate factual history of commerce, industrial development and social interaction. Most vintage and antique trade catalogs are wholesale, or B2B. Some were produced for the consumer, in particular the 19th century consumer of retail goods from manufacturers and retail companies located in far distant cities.

Herewith are some of the trade catalogs I've collected over the decades along with a live canned search for reference use Canned Vintage Trade Catalog search

  1. Baldwin Tool Co's Premium Bench Planes And Moulding Tools. Middletown, Conn. Illustrated Catalogue And Price List, 1858
  2. E. A. Berg Mfg. Co. Ltd. 1938
  3. Wells Bros. & Little Giant Tools
  4. Jos. H. Graham Co. Hardware and Hand Tools. Includes many of the famous hand tool brands of the early 20th C.
  5. Witherby and Winsted Tool Mfg. Co. Trade Catalogs, 1890, 1920, 1950
  6. Jos. Harm, Amsterdam Tri-Lingual Hand Planes & Tools c1900
  7. William Marples & Sons Full Line 1938
  8. New York Mallet And Handle Works 1877
  9. Luther's Tool Grinders 1920
  10. Peugeot Freres frame saws
  11. A. A. Woods & Son Co. 
  12. Peugeot Freres trade marks
  13. John J. Bowles Planemaker Price List 1840
  14. Hartford Clamp Co. 1940
  15. Southern Steel Stamp and Die Works Saddlers Tools 1875
  16. Henry Disston Pocket Catalog 1875
  17. Charles H. Smith Woodworking Machinery 1870
  18. Arrowmammet Works Wooden Planes 1858
  19. E. L Parker Tinners Tools and Supplies 1868
  20. National Moulding Book 1899
  21. Shoji & Kumiko - c1930 Japanese Architects Proposal Catalog
  22. Christiansen Workbench Co.
  23. C. Hammond & Sons Edge Tools & Hammers 1910
  24. W. F. & J. Barnes Foot, Hand & Steam Power Machinery 1880
  25. E. M. Boynton Lightning Saws 1873
  26. Mack & Co. -  D. R. Barton Edge Tools 1910