A. A. Woods & Sons Company - Makers Of Tools And Machinery - Trade Catalog

Advertising circular from The A. A. Woods & Sons Company, Atlanta, Georgia USA

Early 20th century advertising from a famous maker of woodworking tools, The A. A. Woods & Sons Company. This two page, folded circular or handbill features speciality tools for the Wheelwright, the maker and repairer of wooden wheels for carriages and wagons. 

Universal Tool Grinder No. 66
National Power Tool Grinder No. 55
Woods Universal Hollow Augers No. B1, No. B2
Woods Spoke Pointers No. C1, C2, C3

A. A. Woods Handbill National Hand Grinder

A. A. Woods Belt Driven Tool Grinder

A. A. Woods Wheelwrights Universal Hollow Auger

A. A. Woods Wheelwrights Spoke Pointer