Without a doubt, this is a printer's proof of a c1828 trade card. c1828 William Betts, From Sheffield, Manufacturer Of Saws Of Every Description. Ladies Elastic Busks of all kinds. No. 10 Court Ludgate Hill, Birmingham. Original and uncut Trade Card Printers Proof. The only Betts trade card or printers... Read more →

At first I thought this was a trade card printers proof. That last time I researched this one, I came up empty. Not so now. This is an unused label for a druggist & chemists proprietary concoction of the sort typical of the early 19th century apothecary. Farriers' Liniment Label... Read more →

Herewith the complete though well worn 1858 trade catalog of The Baldwin Tool Co.: Illustrated Catalogue And Price List Of The Baldwin Tool Co's Premium Bench Planes And Moulding Tools: Also, A List of Boy's And Gentlemen's Tool Chests, And Superior Plane Irons, From W & S Butcher's Extra Cast... Read more →

A few years ago the curator of the Yale Music Collection contacted me about using a tintype from my collection in their upcoming gallery exhibition. Needless, I agreed. The tintype is a favorite of mine. The tintype is of brothers, possibly twins, displaying their chosen instruments: a cello and a... Read more →