The Art And Craft Of Cabinet-Making by David Denning 1891 ISBN: 9780982532980

The Art And Craft Of Cabinet-Making: A Practical Handbook To The Construction Of Cabinet Furniture; The Use Of Tools, Formation Of Joints, Hints On Designing And Setting Out Work, Veneering, Etc. by David Denning 1891 

The Art And Craft Of Cabinet-Making by David Denning 1891 ISBN: 9780982532980

David Denning wrote four influential 19th century texts on: cabinet-making; fretwork; carving and finishing. His works were and are frequently quoted and referenced in books by woodworkers, for woodworkers. In print through numerous editions from the late 19th Century through the early 20th Century, The Art And Craft Of Cabinet-Making provides a thorough review of the tools and techniques of hand crafted cabinet-making as practiced during the 1800's, as evidenced by this period review:

"Mr. David Denning's hand-book on The Art and Craft of Cabinet-Making ... will be welcomed by amateurs and young craftsmen, and even experienced workman may derive pleasure and profit from it. It relates to the construction of cabinet furniture, the use of tools, the formation of joints, etc., explaining the ordinary reliable methods of the workshop, but not exploiting novelties in style or process. It marks the distinction between cabinet-making and joinery, and between cabinet-making and decoration; gives a review of the development of furniture, in which the tricks and deceits of a class of dealers in pretended antiques are exposed; and then furnishes practical information, with more than two hundred illustrations, concerning the various matters pertaining to cabinet-making - furniture woods, glue, nails, tools, wooden appliances made by the user, grinding and sharpening tools, joints, structural details, construction of parts, drawing, veneering, etc., and the construction of various articles."
The Popular Science Monthly 1892: May - October; Vol. 41, p. 274

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ISBN: 9780982532980