How To Join Mouldings Or The Art Of Mitring And Coping by Owen B. Maginnis 1892

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"It is our intention to notice many things, however trivial,that may in any way serve to enlighten our readers respecting the joiner's art." Our Workshop, Temple Thorold 1866

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How To Join Mouldings; Or,The Art Of Mitring And Coping by Owen B. Maginnis 1892


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ISBN: 9780982532966

How To Join Mouldings; Or, The Art Of Mitring And Coping, by Owen B. Maginnis, 1892.
"A complete treatise on the proper modern methods to apply practically in joining mouldings. A book for working carpenters, joiners, cabinet-makers, picture framer makers and wood-workers. Clearly and simply explained by over 40 engravings, with full directive text."
Owen B. Maginnis was a practical carpenter at the turn of the 19th Century. His texts for working carpenters are essential components for any modern library.