Occupational Photographs

 Occupational Photographs

Occupational Photo Of Coopers

What are Occupational Photographs? Photographic images of people performing their job or posing with the tools of their trades. Occupational photography was a very popular feature of 19th century and early 20th century traveling photographers. There were photography studios in larger towns and cities featuring static decorated sets for posing. Even traveling photographers had drop sheet sets to dress up what would have been a mundane image. For how to identify period photographs, visit Prism Specialities: How To Identify Old Photography Methods. For in-depth conservation information, visit University of Illinois 

  • AM = Ambrotype
  • TT = Tintype
  • CC = Cabinet Card
  • CDV = Carte de Visage
  • PP = 20th Century Photographic Print
  • CT = Cyanotype
  • GP = Glass Plate Negative

Occupational photographs from my personal collection, arranged by category.