Atkins Saw Co. Window Display Photo c1880

Atkins Silver Steel Saws - Hardware Store Window Display - Cabinet Card c1880

Atkins Saw Company Hardware Store Window Display

One of my all time favorite 19th century cabinet cards! A full line hardware store window display of what looks like the full line of the famous Atkins Saw Company. There are saws and saw care tools here that often are posted in forums under Whatsits. Hand saws. Crosscut Saws. Saw wrests. Saw hammers for tensioning large saw mill circular saw blades.

"E. C. Atkins & Company was founded in 1855 by Elias C. Atkins in Cleveland, Ohio. Its industry was hardware and tools and its headquarters were in Cleveland, Ohio (1855-1856), Indianapolis, Indiana (1856-1961) and Greenville, Mississippi (1961-1970). In 1952, the company was acquired by the Borg-Warner Corporation. The Atkins division was sold to the Nicholson File Company in 1966. In 1970, the Greenville plant was renamed Nicholson File Company in place of Atkins Saw." Courtesy E. C. Atkins & Company Wiki

For more on the history of Atkins, visit Historic Indianapolis.

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Atkins Saw Hardware Store Display Wall Art

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