Lumber Yard Board Foot Rule Cabinet Card

Small Cabinet Card - Yard Man Holding A Board Foot Rule

Lumber Yard Board Feet Stick and Man

Reverse of Lumber Yard Stick Photo

Often an historically interesting photograph will hold a deeper meaning. This small format cabinet card of a man holding a lumber board foot rule, standing in front of a stack of milled lumber, has an additional bit of history to it. As usual for late 19th century portraiture, the man is very well dressed in his normal working attire as compared to a modern yard worker.

The reverse displays the photography studio responsible for the image: Sarony & Co. Napoleon Sarony was a famous 19th century portrait photographer:

"Sarony's business plan in 1866 was to establish a photographic supply office in New York City with portraiture as an ancillary concern. To this end he brought with him from England the ingenious Alfred S. Campbell, holder of several photographic equipment patents. Sarony also brought his brother's studio rest (Napoleon Sarony patented an improvement in 1868), a retouching frame, and albumin paper. Having witnessed the success of E. & H.T. Anthony as suppliers of the trade, Sarony dreamt of equivalent wealth and influence. Sarony & Company located at 680 Broadway." courtesy University Of South Carolina Library.