The Painter Gilder And Varnisher's Companion published by Henry Carey Baird 1850

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The Painter, Gilder, And Varnisher's Companion published by Henry Carey Baird 1850


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ISBN: ‎ 9780982532942

The Painter, Gilder, and Varnisher's Companion: Containing Rules and Regulations in Everything Relating to the Arts of Painting, Gilding, Varnishing, and Glass-Staining: Numerous Useful and Valuable Receipts; Tests for the Detection of Adulterations in Oils, Colours, &c. And a Statement of the Diseases and Accidents to Which Painters, Gilders, and Varnishers are Peculiarly Liable; With the Simplest and Best Methods of Prevention and Remedy. Philadelphia: Henry C. Baird, Successor to E. L. Carey. 1850.

The Painter, Gilder And Varnisher's Companion was in continuous publication for 70 years. It was the primary technical reference for both the professional and amateur wood finisher.

Henry Carey Baird (1825-1912) was the first American commercial publisher of industrial texts for the trades. HIs publishing house continued in production from the 19th through the early 20th centuries.

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