Wells Brothers & Co Little Giant Tools

Wells Brothers & Little Giant Tools

The Wells Brothers created a foundry and tool manufacturing dynasty that lasted for decades. Often renamed and frequently absorbed into other companies, eventually the Greenfield Mfg Co. of Greenfield, Massachusetts. 

First, this pocket catalog of four select blacksmith and farriers tools & machinery, undated but late 19th century.

Wells Little Giant Pocket Catalog

Wells Little Giant Pocket Catalog

Next up from the Museum Of Our Industrial Heritage in Greenfield, Mass is this company expansion diagram:
Wells Bros Company Dynasty

Next, be sure to jump to the Museum Of Our Industrial History site for the complete history and the Wells Bros. 1889 trade catalog pdf.

Have I wetted your appetite for more Massachusetts industrial machine and tool history? Jump to the Massachusetts American Histories page on John Grant and his invention of the adjustable threading tool.

Lastly, at the Internet Archive is an interesting set of Wells trade catalogs. Two are drawn from both my old collection and from the Industrial Museum.