The National Moulding Book Trade Catalog 1899 ISBN: 9798691705441

The 1899 National Moulding Book: Containing The Latest Styles Of Mouldings. Interior House Finish, Stair And Porch Railings, As Well As Full Size Cuts Of Frames In Use In Different Localities. Adopted April, 15, 1896

By The Wholesale Sash, Door & Blind Manufacturers' Association And By The Eastern Sash, Door & Blind Manufacturers' Association.

The National Moulding Book Trade Catalog 1899 ISBN: 9798691705441

“The Late Victorian era ended just as the industry was organizing the Wholesale Sash, Door And Blind Manufacturers’ Association of the Northwest (specifically, manufacturers of white pine lumber from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan) around 1887. A year or two later, the first standard molding catalog, called the Universal Molding Catalog, appeared.

Transitional Period (1890-1920) The Transitional period witnessed the greatest amount of change in moldings. Commercial and residential design shifted from Victorian to Arts and Crafts and then finally to the Period Revival style of the 1920s. Molding styles marched in step, with the Universal Molding Catalogs of 1891, 1901, 1914, and 1920 reflected these trends.

The formation of the Wholesale Sash, Door and Blind Manufacturers’ Association helped usher in this new era. This early industry association standardized millwork and developed grading rules for quality. These measures helped to create confidence in builders and architects who sought consistent quality and craftsmanship from manufacturers."
Historic Millwork: A Guide To Restoring And Re-Creating Doors, Windows, And Moldings Of The Late Nineteenth Through Mid-Twentieth Centuries. By Brent Hull. 2003; pg 92, John Wiley, Publisher.

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ISBN: 9798691705441