E. L. Parker Co. Tinners' Tools Supplies Trade Catalog Baltimore 1868

Trade Catalog

Classic Books Produced From Originals In The Library Of Gary Roberts
"It is our intention to notice many things, however trivial,that may in any way serve to enlighten our readers respecting the joiner's art." Our Workshop, Temple Thorold 1866

E. L. Parker & Co. : Importers And Dealers In Tin Plate, Block Tin, Hoop And Sheet Iron Zinc, Wire, Spelter, Solder, Rivets, &c. Tinners' Tools And Supplies Stamped, French And Japanned Ware, And House Furnishing Goods Of This Class Generally, &c. Baltimore 1868


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ISBN: ‎9781087812373

Founded in 1849 and in business through the turn of the century, E. L. Parker & Co. of Baltimore, Maryland was a major importer and wholesaler of tin plate, sheet iron and related metals, General Store hard goods and Tinners (Tinsmith) tools and machinery.
“It’s reputation and sales are widespread and it has important connections in England, as well as with the best firms of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.” Baltimore: It’s History And It’s People. Vol. II Biography, page 335.
The E. L. Parker & Co. 1868 trade catalog is reproduced in facsimile from the original held in the collection of Gary Roberts, Publisher, Toolemera Press.