John H. Graham Company 1920 Trade Catalog

 John H. Graham & Co. Fiftieth Anniversary Trade Catalog - 1920

John H. Graham Hardware and Tool Catalog 1920

What you get in one trade catalog is the following tool manufacturers:

  • Snell Manufacturing Company: Augers And Bits, Ship Augers, Boring Machines, Carpenters' Tools, etc.
  • The Winsted Edge Tool Works: Chisels, Drawing Knives and Gouges
  • Coes Wrench Co.: Genuine Coes Screw Wrenches
  • Taintor Manufacturing Co.: Taintor Positive Saw Sets
  • The Torrington Company: Nail Sets, Punches and Screw Drivers
  • Seymour Smith & Son, Inc.: Pruning Shears, Spoke Shaves, Bench Hooks, Bull Rings, Cattle Leaders, etc.
  • L. S. Watson Manufacturing Co.: Hand Cards Of Every Description
  • G. W. Griffin Co.: Hack Saws and Blades (Coping Saws too)
  • Rock Island Mfg. Co.: Vises, Anvils, Shaft Hangers, Etc., Sad Irons, Grinders, Cement Tools, Grist Mills, Corn Shellers, Air Compressors, Misc Hardware and Specialties
  • American Grinder Mfg. Co.: High Grade Cut Gear Tool Grinders
  • The Many-Use Oil Co.: Lubricants