Luther's Tool Grinders 1920 Trade Catalog

Luther's Tool Grinders, Trade Catalog No. 31 

One of my very favorite trade catalog covers and one of my favorite tool makers: Luther Dimo-Grit Grinders, Catalogue No. 31, Luther Grinder Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The cover is pure Art Deco, early Machine Age advertising art. It doesn't get any better than this one. I've owned a number of Luther grinders, including the Best Maide top of the line. All are beasts. Many have machined helical gears, precision machined ways and tight oil fittings. I started with one of those German hand grinders that Woodcraft used to sell, then switched to Luther. Admittedly, in general I prefer older tools.

The pdf is housed in my Google Drive account as a free download. You can also find this pdf at the Internet Archive. Same pdf, different sites. Your choice.