Slöjd In Great Britain And America: 1890 - 1906 ISBN: 9781087806259

Slöjd In Great Britain And America - 1890 - 1906

Slöjd In Great Britain And America: 1890 - 1906 ISBN: 9781087806259
 ISBN: 9781087806259

Whether a teacher, a student or a craftsperson who wishes to learn the skills and theories of Educational Slojd, this book will provide a sound basis from which to develop classic or personal designs and to incorporate Educational Slojd in their work and life.

Slojd In Great Britain And America: 1890 - 1906, combines two influential, turn of the 19th century texts that serve as both teacher education resources and as class instructive materials.

  • Hand-Craft: A Text Book Employing A System Of Pure Mechanical Art, Without The Aid Of Machinery; Being An English Exposition Of Slojd As Cultivated In Sweden And By The Scandinavian People, by John D. Sutcliffe of the Manchester Recreative Evening Classes, 1890.
  • Elementary Sloyd And Whittling With Drawings And Working Directions, by Gustaf Larsson, Principal Of The Sloyd Training School, Boston, Massachusetts, 1906.

Together these two titles bridge the creation of Swedish Slojd by Otto Salomon and the inclusion of Slojd theories and practices in both Great Britain and America.

Gary Roberts, Toolemera Press publisher, returns to print classic books on early crafts, trades and industries. All titles are produced from the originals in his personal collection.

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