Occupational Trade Cards, Part 1

 Occupational Trade Cards

Part 1

One of my all time favorite ephemera types to find is Trade Cards. Nearly always one of a kind, often missing links in the history of early crafts, trades and industries, trade cards are what ephemera is all about: used and tossed. Not always tossed, which is where I come in. Herewith is a selection of Occupational Trade Cards, in no particular order. Enjoy.

J. A. Fay &Co. Manufacturers Of A Variety Of Wood Working Machinery

L & I. J. White Edge Tool Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

D. R. Barton Tool Co., Centennial Exhibition

D. R. Barton reverse

Bogman & Vinal, Dealers In Builders' Hardware, Carpenters' Tools, Nails, Lead, Zinc, Sash Weights, &c. No. 7 Dock Square, Boston

Chapin's Solid Cherry Level. The H. Chapin's Son Co., Pine Meadow, Conn.

May & Co. Hardware, Tools and Metals. No. 1 Broad Street, Boston

Fred A. Scobey, Blacksmith And Wheelwright, Carriage And Wagon Repairing In All Branches. 52 Dyer Avenue, Mattapan, Mass

Thompson Tool Co., Manufacturers Of Thompson's Pat. Bench Plane. No. 14 Chardon Street, Boston Mass

Wentworth's Patent Saw Vises

Wheeler, Madden & Clemson and Woodrough & McParlin's Dehorning Saw. The National Saw Company, New Haven, Conn.

The Russell Jennings Mfg. Co. Chester, Conn. War Time Manufacturing Notice

More Trade Cards To Come: Watch This Space