Introduction To Woodworking 1920 - An Anthology of William Fairham's Most Important Books ISBN: 9780989747752

Introduction To Woodworking - Anthology Of The Essential Books By William Fairham

Woodwork Tools And How To Use Them
Woodwork Joints: How They Are Set Out, How Made And Where Used, Revised Edition

The Woodworker Series by William Fairham, edited by J. C. S. Brough
Evans Bros., Publishers, London

“The Author of this volume is a man not only of wide experience in practical woodwork, but who has for many years been an Instructor at Technical Schools, and has also the additional advantage of having an intimate knowledge of all kinds of woodworking tools and machinery.”

Early in the 20th Century, Evans Bros., London, England, engaged William Fairham to author and edit The Woodworker Series, books derived from The Woodworker journal. A practical woodworker trained in the late 19th Century skills of carpentry and woodworking, William Fairham later taught these skills to students in technical schools.

After William Fairham passed, Evans Bros. brought in Charles Hayward to edit The Woodworker Series to suit more modern interests. The traditional craftsperson of today will find the Fairham editions of The Woodworker Series to be valuable for their adherence and accuracy to late 19th Century carpentry and woodworking techniques.

Introduction To Woodworking 1920 combines two essential William Fairham books of the early 20th century: Woodwork Tools And How To Use Them and Woodwork Joints: How They Are Set Out, How Made, And Where Used.

Woodwork Tools And How To Use Them. William Fairham discusses the use, sharpening and adjustment of hand saws, hand planes, boring tools, chisels, scrapers and all manner of miscellaneous shop tools. Included are chapters of the woodworking shop machinery common to this period.

Woodwork Joints: How They Are Set Out, How Made, And Where Used, Revised Edition. William Fairham authored both the first and revised editions of Woodwork Joints. Included in this republication is the revised edition. Comprehensively updated by Fairham, the revised edition features line drawings and explanatory text for all of the major woodworking joints as well as those that are exotic or specific to a particular need.

Introduction To Woodworking 1920 gives the aspiring, the intermediate as well as the advanced woodworker a solid education in the hand tool skills of the period.

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