Carhart & Curd Carriage & Wagon Woodwork, Macon Georgia

 Carhart & Curd, Dealers In Carriage & Wagon Woodwork Of Every Description, Macon Georgia

Some years ago I purchased a box lot of ephemera from a Savannah, Georgia hardware store clearance auction. most of the material was past saving due to damp, insects, rodents, etc. Luckily there were two items in restorable condition: Two of this broadside and a plane makers trade catalog. I sold one copy of the broadside and kept one for myself, along with the Baldwin Tool Company trade catalog

As advertising ephemera goes, broadsides are one of the most sought after and rarest of types. Intended to be pasted to a wall, they were one time use marketing tools. 

Here is the broadside (more on broadsides) issued by Carhart & Curd, Dealers In Carriage & Wagon Woodwork Of Every Description, Macon, Georgia. The broadside dates to the U.S. Civil War era, c 1867. I know this as the accompanying, and unfortunately not savable, billheads and letterheads were all of the Civil War time period.

Apparently Macon, Georgia and vicinity were centers for makers of carriage and wagon bodies, enough so for a local hardware store to keep on hand this broadside featuring 59 carriage and wagon body styles. Each type is named, affording anyone interested in the history of carriages and wagons a rare reference point for mid 19th century American transportation history.

Here is the online scan of the minimally restored broadside:

Carhart & Curd Dealers In Carriage & Wagon Woodwork Broadside

I also have available through my Redbubble Shop a Print On Demand edition as stickers, posters, prints, etc. Note the Redbubble edition has a narrow dark border to allow for the  printing processes which require a preset gutter border.

Carhart & Curd Dealers In Carriage & Wagon Woodwork