Timber Frame Barn Raising Cabinet Card

 Cabinet Card of Neighbors Raising A Timber Frame Barn c1900

Farmers Timber Framed Barn Raising

Taken in the field by a traveling photographer is this fantastic cabinet card photo of neighbors supporting neighbors, raising a timber frame barn. Looks as if every able body man in the county came to make and raise the barn frame.

The original cabinet card has a fairly mildew stained card backing and very yellowed print, typical of many albumen photos. Sometimes the early photos defy conservation beyond scanning at 600 dpi at origiinal x/y dimensions. In this instance, I converted the original image to desaturated png at 300 dpi with minimal contrast, haze and despeckle applied. The image above is the print ready version for my Fine Art America/Pixel shop. The image below is the original.

barn raising cabinet card

The yellowing of albumen prints is preferred by some people. However when it comes to print for posters and prints, the RBG de-saturated version prints better. The yellow tint alters when converted to CMYK during print processing.