Dig We Must

I grew up with the famous NYC Con Edison placard: Dig We Must. It's fitting for notices of Things Happening by way of blog reconstruction. 

The sidebar is a bit different. Cleaned up, abbreviated, faster loads. Added is a BlogRoll, first of which is Scott Daniels ScoDan HandCrafted Substack. FWIW, I'm creating a Substack of mine own. In due time. I've never been a writer of too many words, tending towards the brief paragraph or two. Or, as the Reddit community is wont to say: TL:DR. Too Long: Didn't Read. 

Subtracted are the two sidebar images for stuff for sale, now accumulated under Shop Toolemera with links to, of course, Reprints and Posters, Stickers, Apparel

I found my archive of early blog material, buried in one of the 1 TB backups. Yes! All the photos, pdf files, scans, etc. are now back and will be returned to both this blog and Substack, for posterity. My only failure was to lose a bunch of very early material during a hard drive mishap many years ago. Following said mishap, I now run multiple backups.

Lastly, on the Redbubble front, I'm toying with producing pure facsimile images, as little photoshop manipulation as possible. No doubt there will be doubters who doubt the importance of preserving history. Why do this? There is a high end poster restoration group out west, specialized in restoring vintage paper to like new condition. Creases are carefully penciled in, missing pieces replaced. While pretty, it disturbs my archival soul to so alter anything. Likely I'll add the minimally altered item next to the more prosaic, saleable version.

Until next time, I remain, Gary