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"Hermon Chapin was associated with a number of other Chapins in the toolmaking industry of his time. He began as a part of Copeland-Chapin from 1826-1828, was the brother of Nathaniel Chapin and father to Edward M., George W., and Philip E. Chapman who succeeded him as H Chapin & Sons in 1860. Out of this line sprung H. Chapin's Sons, H. Chapin's Son, and H. Chapin's Son & Co. Planes marked "Baltimore" were sold to his brother Philip (in Baltimore) but were probably not manufactured there. Pine Meadow is an historic district within New Haven." courtesy Davistown Museum

Thomas Elliott, author of A Guide To The Makers Of American Wooden Planes (Amazon Publishing Affiliate Link) has kindly allowed me to adapt plane maker marks from his book in support of my Facebook group: Rhykenologists International - The Study Of Wooden Planes.

I use Redbubble for all Made To Order apparel and accessories. Redbubble has their own print facilities with shipping worldwide. That means quality control, unlike most other Made To Order companies who sub-contract out production. I've been a Redbubble artist since 2006.

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