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Cesar Chelor • 18th Century Plane Maker

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Cesar Chelor Planemaker Mark

"Cesar Chelor was an African-American woodworker, toolmaker, plane-maker and was enslaved by colonial entrepreneur and the earliest documented American plane maker, Francis Nicholson (1683-1753). Francis Nicholson moved from Rehoboth to Wrentham, Massachusetts in 1728. In colonial times, Wrentham was a small, growing town that was on the main road to Boston. As a result, there were plenty of travelers and plenty of business. It was a good place for an ambitious tradesman. Nicholson was married four times and was a deacon of his church. Among the other businesses he had, Nicholson also owned a mill.
Chelor is thought to have been born in 1720. He was enslaved by Nicholson as early as 1736. In 1741, Chelor was admitted as a member to the Congregational Church in Wrentham Center, when he was supposedly 21. Chelor would become a freeman when Nicholson died in 1753. Along with freedom, Nicholson willed Chelor a workshop, 10 acres of land, tools, and materials to continue on independently." Courtesy Wrentham350

Cesar Chelor Plane Mark

Thomas Elliott, author of A Guide To The Makers Of American Wooden Planes (Amazon Publishing Affiliate Link) has kindly allowed me to adapt plane maker marks from his book in support of my Facebook group: Rhykenologists International - The Study Of Wooden Planes.
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