Rhykenologists Anonymous Meeting - Every Monday

Over at my FB group Rhykenology - The Study Of Wooden Planes we have returned to the classic Oldtools Email List Format - Flea Market Monday or as I like to call it - Rhykenologists Anonymous. Every Monday any group member can sell, buy, trade anything wooden plane related. Individuals. businesses, plane makers, dealers, etc. The rules are brief. The group is private. We are very careful of who is admitted and thus, no spam. Currently the group is 6 years old and at 4K members.

Weekly Flea Market Mondays

  1. FMM lasts Monday morning through Tuesday night.
  2. WHO: Individuals, Dealers, Makers, Businesses.
  3. WHAT: Wooden Planes related. NO transitionals.
  4. POSTS: One per week allowed. You may include multiple items in One Post if you are a masochist.
  5. DISPUTES: Admins and Mods will neither intervene nor advise.
  6. MISCREANTS: ADMINS reserve right to delete posts and ban. SPAM and yer history.
  7. NEGOTIATIONS: keep it in Messanger or Email.