Rhykenology - The Study Of Wooden Planes

Rhykenology: The Study Of Wooden Planes

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What is Rhykenology? A term coined mid 20th century, meaning anything to do with the history, use and making of woodworking planes made of wood. The full history of the term is available via the Early American Industries Association journal The Chronicle Vol. 71, Iss. 1,  (Mar 2018): 28., housed at Proquest and not available to unregistered viewers. As a courtesy to researchers everywhere, here is the link to my copy of the article as a pdf download.

By default, Rhykenology does not include the so-called "transitional" woodworking planes: those having wood bases and metallic blade adjusting mechanisms. Why so-called? There is nothing in the paper history of woodworking tools that to indicate that such planes were ever termed "transitional". Planes of this type were simply called wood sole planes and included in trade catalogs under the blanket term Woodworking Planes.

Patented Metallic Planes have been cataloged and indexed by Roger K. Smith in his landmark series Patented And Metallic Planes In America Vol. 1 & 2 (PTAMPIA). 

Wooden Planes have been researched, bought, sold, collected and put to use since the inception of the Early American Industries AssociationThe British-American Rhykenological Association, courtesy of Abraham HyattTools And Trades History Society and the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association, to name just a few of the major groups involved in the history of tools, crafts, trades and industries. The number of independent plane makers, major manufacturers and user made planes has defied the creation of an all encompassing online database. The sheer number of wooden plane styles, profiles, purposes and materials has, likewise, defied an updatable online database.

Even more in need of comprehensive cataloging are the wooden planes of Asia and Europe. I'll add links to relevant websites as this sub-page of Toolemera Press develops.

Sorry folks, this site does not include such databases. I am a retired research librarian, not a database programmer. Unless someone comes along and volunteers to create such a database? If such a someone is a glutton for punishment, please contact me through my Facebook group Rhykenology: The Study Of Wooden Planes.

Librarian genetics require that I do my part to organize resources for public consumption. Herewith you will find photos of those wooden planes I've collected, a link resource of sites, books and articles related to the subject and whatever else the project requires. To say that Rhykenology - Toolemera Press will be a work in progress is to understate my tunnel vision.