Shipwright Handled Live Oak Smooth Plane

Rhykenology - The Study Of Wooden Planes

Live Oak Shipwright's Smooth Plane
This is one of my all time favorite wooden planes. Shipwright's were known for making their own planes from the exotic woods used in the construction of the ships. 
This handled smooth plane is made of live oak, a particularly hard and difficult wood wood to work. The plane maker made use of scraps along with iron reinforcements. Note the single bar wedge holder and the iron cap to the tote. The sole saw so much use that the maker added a new sole of live oak.

A truly masterful example of plane making.

For more on the history and skills of the shipwright, the essential read is:

Frame-Up! The Story Of The People And Shipyards of Essex, Massachusetts. Ten Pound Island Book Company, Dana Storey 1986. ISBN: 0-938459-00-7. Find it at Amazon.