Woodwork Tools And How To Use Them by William Fairham 1922

The Woodworker Series by William Fairham
and J. C. S. Brough
Evans Bros., Publishers, London

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"It is our intention to notice many things, however trivial,that may in any way serve to enlighten our readers respecting the joiner's art." Our Workshop, Temple Thorold 1866

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Early in the 20th Century, Evans Bros., London, England, engaged William Fairham to author and edit The Woodworker Series, books derived from The Woodworker journal. A practical woodworker trained in the late 19th Century skills of carpentry and woodworking, William Fairham later taught these skills to students in technical schools.

After William Fairham passed, Evans Bros. brought in Charles Hayward to edit The Woodworker Series to suit more modern interests. The traditional craftsperson of today will find the Fairham editions of The Woodworker Series to be valuable for their adherence and accuracy to late 19th Century carpentry and woodworking techniques.
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Woodwork Tools And How To Use Them by William Fairham 1922


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ISBN: 978098253299
"...to know just how to handle and manipulate the saw or the plane or the chisel to effect the desired result with a minimum of effort and without injury to either tool or material - that is knowledge worth having..."
Woodwork Tools, by William Fairham, 1922, The Woodworker Series, Evans Bros., London, Publishers. William Fairham was a respected practical woodworker and technical school instructor.

Woodwork Tools introduces the basics of hand tool use as well as advanced techniques. Intended for Manual Arts students, Woodwork Tools presents the practical skills needed by woodworkers of all skill levels.

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