Wood Carving A Carefully Graduated Educational Course Joseph Phillips 1896

Wood Carving - A Carefully Graduated Educational Course by Joseph Phillips


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ISBN: 9780983150084

Wood Carving: A Carefully Graduated Educational Course, by Joseph Phillips,1896
Published "...to fill a long-felt want for a graduated course of exercises, these being suggested by a long and varied professional and teaching experience... by Joseph Phillips, Medallist and Instructor of Wood Carving, Modelling, &c., in the counties of Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumberland and Notts and approved by the Home Arts and Industries Association, Royal Albert Hall, London."
Unlike many 19th century books on relief wood carving, Wood Carving provides a graduated series of twelve lessons, each of which is accompanied by a photograph of the relief carving discussed, with annotations to explain the steps taken in the creation of the form.

Grounded in the spirit of the British Arts & Crafts movement of the late 19th century, Wood Carving is a one-of-a-kind text of value to the beginner, the intermediate as well as the advanced carver who seeks to learn from a period practitioner of the craft of wood carving.