The New England Farrier by Paul Jewett of Rowley MA 1826

The New England Farrier:
A Compendium Of Farriery, In Four Parts
by Paul Jewett of Rowley, MA. 1826

ISBN: 9780989747769

First published in 1795 and remaining in print through 1840, The New England Farrier was the first book of Farriery to have been published in it's entirety within the Continental United States of America. The author, Paul Jewett of Rowley, MA, served in the Continental Army during the Revolution.

The New England Farrier addresses the complete care of hooved livestock, including cows and goats. Not limited to hoof care, the text includes country vet remedies for common and uncommon livestock ailments.

The New England Farrier includes a chapter devoted to the ills that might befall adults and children who might have little access to formal medical care.
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