Shoji & Kumiko - 85 Vintage Designs Trade Catalog c1930

Shoji & Kumiko:
85 Vintage Designs c1930
A Japanese Architectural Catalog

ISBN: 9781087817187

Shoji & Kumiko: 85 Vintage Designs is a precision facsimile of an original c1930 Japanese architectural proposal catalog of Shoji and Kumiko designs.This one of a kind Japanese catalog of architectural designs is an essential period reference for anyone interested in the history of Shoji and Kumiko.

SHOJI: A Japanese screen or sliding door used to partition living spaces.
KUMIKO: A decorative and practical Japanese woodworking system consisting of lattice pieces held together through precision joinery lacking any nails or other metal supports.

Shoji & Kumiko: 85 Vintage Designs was produced from the original catalog.
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