The Sloyd System Of Wood Working by Benjamin B. Hoffman 1892

The Sloyd System Of Wood Working:
With A Brief Description Of The Eva Rodhe Model Series
And An Historical Sketch Of The Growth Of The Manual Training Idea
by Benjamin B. Hoffman


ISBN: 9781087863580

The Sloyd System Of Wood Working, by B. B. Hoffman, 1892, is a classic 19th century introduction to the Swedish Sloyd system of pedagogical manual training based upon the Naas theories as espoused by Otto Salomon, author of The Teacher's Hand-Book Of Slojd, re-published by the Toolemera Press.

From: Economy In Education: A Practical Discussion Of Present Day Problems In Educational Administration. R. N Roark. 1905:
  • "The object of this book is to give an account of the theory and practical application of the "Sloyd System" of manual training. It also includes a list and drawings of the models of the "Rodhe System" for children of the age of five to eleven years, filling the void between the kindergarten and the Sloyd system. In the treatment of the practical work, as few technical expressions as possible have been used, so that a teacher who may have had no previous experience in work of this kind may nevertheless be able to do." Affiliate Links - US and UK. Your purchases support local, independent bookstores.
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