Cabinet Card Photograph: Shipwrights, Ship Hull. Location - New England c1880?
Cabinet Card Photograph: Bremer, Ilion NY Printers

Cabinet Card Photograph: Three Shipwrights.

Photograph: Cabinet Card

Three Shipwrights. At least that is my current guess. The photograph came from the New Jersey coast. These three fine looking gentlemen are wearing matching coveralls, spiffy hats and holding the tools of their trade. The gent on the left is holding a mallet and what appears to be a deck chisel. The fellow on the right is holding what looks like a riveting hammer. The swell in the middle is holding a patented Brace-Drill, complete with a heavy auger bit, possibly a scotch pattern bit for boring trenails? Somehow how is better versed than I am in patented braces may be able to identify this make and model.

Drill-Brace ID'd: From Jim Erdman - "It's a Bennett & Bloedel patent brace with a crank driven geared mechanism for drilling in tight corners.They were made in a couple of different versions with different chucks and different crank arms..."


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