Cabinet Card Photograph: Shoe Factory, Assembly Floor. c1885.
Cabinet Card Photograph: Three Shipwrights.

Cabinet Card Photograph: Shipwrights, Ship Hull. Location - New England c1880?

Cabinet Card print of Full Plate Tintype

Shipwrights, Ship Hull. Location - New England c1880?

The small right angle black areas at the bottom two corners of this print indicate that this was originally a full plate TinType. Someone saw fit to make an Albumen print at Cabinet Card size. It's rare enough to see a full plate tintype but even more unusual to see one taken in the great outdoors. You needed a calm day and a lot of calm, motionless people. But that's my guess. All I know is that this image was found in New England. I'm not an expert on the early shipbuilding industry so I can't describe just what type of ship they are building. If you look closely you can make out carpenters squares, augers, axes, saws and a variety of massive hunks of shaped timbers waiting for something to happen. If you can add to the description, please let me know and I'll add your comments.

Update: The consensus is that this is a barge in the making, rather than an elegant sea-going ship. Still and all, the builders certainly took pride in their workmanship


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