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Workbenches And Vises from The Amateur Carpenter And Builder c1900

Back around 2006, give or take a year, Chris Schwarz approached me about doing some research on workbenches for the book he was working on. Being the packrat that I can be, I had both books and scanned images aplenty to refer to. Librarians tend to archive stuff. We call it archiving instead of hoarding.

One of the book I pulled from the shelf was The Amateur Carpenter And Builder, a sizable book published c1900. During the 19th century, Amateur was the term applied to the non-professional worker in crafts. It was not a derogatory term by any means. Amateur Work was considered to be a healthy and socially approved activity. Slojd/Sloyd and Manual Arts Education were at their heyday. More on those subjects in future posts. Sloth was frowned upon, unless you were old blood and lived in a run down mansion out on the moors. In that case, sloth was expected of you with the exception of the occasional Hunt which included significant imbibing of booze of all sorts.

Back to The Amateur Carpenter And Builder, or as it was properly titled: The Amateur Carpenter And Builder: A Complete Guide In Every Description Of Constructive And Decorative Work. A Self-Aid Cyclopedia For Self-Taught Students With 750 Illustrations And Diagrams: Comprising: Elementary Carpentry And Joinery. Ornamental Carpentry And Construction. General Building Art And Practice. Published by Ward, Lock & Co., LTD, London, Melbourne And New York.

Take a breath now. This copy was a Prize from the Educational Department of the Preston Co-Operative Society presented to John Walsh, December, 1904.

Here is a rough draft of the PDF review file I sent to Chris, after which proper TIFF files were sent : Download Amcarpbuild1904BK

And here are a handful of illustrative images from the PDF


Possible the most interesting vise was the Croix De St. Pierre. The PDF download includes the text associated with the making of these various benches and work holding devices.

As I dig further into my archive of images and PDF files, more will be revealed.

Till next, Gary


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