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The Christiansen Workbench Company Part 1

I have something on the order of 600 gb of images: photos, ephemera, books, etc. Bit by bit I'll add interesting material to this blog. As of yet I haven't installed an RSS feed or Email update function but will do so in due time.

The Christiansen Bench Company, Chicago, Illinois.

I have a bunch of Christiansen related material. First off is this note and the photo kindly supplied by a descendent of the family.

March, 2011

I came across these old photographs recently. The group shot is the crew at the Christiansen factory in Chicago taken around 1903. Carl is 2nd from left front row and John , his son, is seated next to him in the middle. The large outdoor photo is a company picnic in 1916. They continued making shop and lab furniture until around 1940. Some of the later benches had cast iron head and tail vises replacing the maple. These vises were made by Abernathy Vise , a company purchased by Carl Christiansen. So if your bench has an Abernathy Vise you can be sure that the bench is made by Christiansen.

I enjoy your blog and it makes me feel good to know that these benches are still being used and appreciated.

Best Regards, John Christiansen

Christianse Workers

Till next, Gary

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