Workbenches And Vises from The Amateur Carpenter And Builder c1900
Roubo L'Art du Menuisier En Meubles Excerpt - Free Download

Spear & Jackson On The History And Care Of Handsaws. 2 free PDF downloads

Two treatises from Spear & Jackson on the Hand Saw courtesy of Peter Evans of the Oldtools Email List.


CONCERNING HANDSAWS: SOME HINTS ON THEIR CARE & MAINTENANCE. Spear & Jackson: The World's Greatest Sawmakers. Aetna Works, Sheffield. c1950

Reprinted 2006 the Traditional Trades Group, Inc. Spear & Jackson's take on how their handsaws are made and how best to care for them.

Contributed by Peter Evans of the Oldtools eMail list.

Download Spearjacksonsaws1953PAM

THE STORY OF THE SAW, Spear & Jackson. The history of the handsaw as told by the famous British saw manufacturer. 1961. 

Download Story of the Saw Spear Jackson


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