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Mr. Holme and Mr. Moxon. Contemporaries and possibly acquaintances?

Randle Holme III was the third Randle Holme to bear the name Randle Holme. Joseph Moxon was the only Joseph Moxon of his day. Got it?

Both Holme and Moxon hailed from Great Britain. You can read more than you might want to read about the Holmes family here. And a bit about Moxon here. For that matter, you can by my reprint of Doctrine Of Handy-Works if you want to hold a book in your hand, here. Or, download a free pdf of the entire Doctrine, here. Had enough of links?

Back to what this post is about. Randle Holme the 3rd sketched a number of tools of various trades that appear in the folios. To wit, courtesy the British Library:


and from Moxon: 


Note the wave moulding engine that appears in both plates. There are more similarities but for the nonce, I won't get into those. 

What's a wave moulding engine? Of course I have a link to an article that explains what it is and how to make one, this time as a free download.

Download WAG_02_moxonwaveformengine

Moxon was envious of the Royal Society membership. So envious that he endeavored to gain admittance to those august ranks by politicking all and sundry. Eventually he was the first tradesman to be admitted to the Society. Yes, Moxon was considered to be a tradesman as he was a printer, publisher, map maker and maker of scientific instruments.

It is plausible that Moxon and Holme 3 came into contact at some point in time, or knew of each other, or knew of each other's writings. The whole copyright thing was not much of a thing during the 17th century. If you felt that someone had stolen your work, you had little recourse other than making your opinion known far and wide that the thief was a scalliwag, or whatever 17th century British upper crust termed each other.

How else to explain the marked similarities between the two works?

Till next, Gary

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