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If you have ever wondered about the ubiquitous file or rasp, from whence it came and how it was made, what types there are and to what purposes they were intended, here is your answer as a Free Download, or, if you so prefer, you can purchase the reprint which does support my endeavors as a publisher and ephemerist.

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Possessing a fine example of 19th Century title overkill, herewith is the complete Nicholson File Company's:

A Treatise On Files And Rasps, Descriptive And Illustrated: For The Use of Master Mechanics, Dealers, &c.; In Which The Kinds Of Files In Most Common Use, And The Newest And Most Approved Special Tools Connected Therewith Are Described - Giving Some Of Their Principle Uses. With A Description Of The Process Of Manufacture, And A Few Hints On The Use And Care of The File. The Nicholson File Company, Providence, Rhode, Island U.S.A. 1878

"The Nicholson File Company has now been in existence for upwards of fourteen years, during which time they have permanently introduced their goods into every section of this, and to some extent into other countries, against the strongest possible prejudice in favor of hand made files; their product being now double that of the entire imports of foreign files into this country."

  • Paperback or PDF: 112 pages
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781534685697
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