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c1835-1840 Farrier's Liniment Druggist & Chemist Label

Free PDF: The Baldwin Tool Co's 1858 Illustrated Trade Catalogue Of Wooden Planes

Herewith the complete though well worn 1858 trade catalog of The Baldwin Tool Co.:

Illustrated Catalogue And Price List Of The Baldwin Tool Co's Premium Bench Planes And Moulding Tools: Also, A List of Boy's And Gentlemen's Tool Chests, And Superior Plane Irons, From W & S Butcher's Extra Cast Steel. Manufactured at Middletown, Conn. Charles H. Pelton, Printer. 1858

A bit of background on this catalog. This was part of a lot of paper I purchased from a dealer from Georgia. The entire lot was heavily smoke and damp stained. This came from the attic of what had been a Civil War era hardware wholesale and retail firm. Dates on correspondence indicated that the firm shut down during the years of the Civil War and reopened the year after the war ended. This is the only trade catalog that survived.

Download Baldwintoolcatalog.toolemerapress


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1858 Baldwin Tool Co. Trade Catalog Of Wooden Planes

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