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c1828 Trade Card Printer's Proof - William Betts, Manufacturer Of Saws And Ladies Busks, Birmingham Great Britain

c1835-1840 Farrier's Liniment Druggist & Chemist Label

At first I thought this was a trade card printers proof. That last time I researched this one, I came up empty. Not so now. This is an unused label for a druggist & chemists proprietary concoction of the sort typical of the early 19th century apothecary.

Letterpress printed on thin green label paper for:

"Farriers' Liniment, Regarded by competent judges as the best Horse Liniment in use. It will be found a speedy and efficacious remedy for Sprains, Bruises, Weak and Swelled Joints, Contraction or Inflammation of the Sinews, Wind Galls, &c. &c. &c. Price 37 1/2 Cents Per Bottle. Prepared and Sold by Thos. Hollis, Jr. Boston, Mass"

9.5" x 8" sheet, 3" x 4.25" printed image by Letterpress printing on thin green paper. Uncut and as found. In excellent condition with slight darkening to edges, no creases or damage.
From the journal The New England Farrier, 1835, an advertisement:
    "Hollis' Celebrated Horse Liniment, For Sprains, Bruises, Wind Galls, Old strains, Stiff joints, Swelled or Cracked Hews and for horses that are strangled in the back sinews, wrong in the withers, &c.; also for Glandular swellings of the Throat.
    The ingredients which compose this preparation have been carefully selected after many years of experience and are some of the most successful remedies united, correctly proportioned and happily adapted to afford relief in all the above mentioned complaints; the proprietor feels assured that when once this article is used, it will be preferred to any other, as it is decidedly the best and certainly the most convenient article in use.
    N.B. Persons afflicted with Rheumatism, Sprains, Cramp, Numbness, Stiffness or Weakness in the Joints will find this Liniment a valuable and efficacious remedy.
    Prepared and sold by Thomas Hollis, Druggist and Chemist, No. 30, Union Street, Boston, Mass.
    The Public are requested to observe that each lable is signed. Price of large Bottles one dollar, small do. 75 cents.
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